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Analog Cameras and I.P Cameras - Pros and Cons

With so many advancements in the security camera industry it can be confusing to choose the right technology. In this short article we will try to show the pros and cons of each technology and try to help you choose the right one.

Analog (960h , TVI , CVI , SDI , AHD).

Old technology(960h on coax cable) that for many years ruled the CCTV market and in recent years improved and with new HD technologies like TVI picture quality can go up to 5MP and transmit over 1600' on the same old good coax cable, In addition PTZ control signal is communicated over the same coax cable.


  • Picture quality can go up to 5MP on EXISTING old coax cables.

  • Long Transmission distance on coax cable (or UTP with Baluns).

  • Less prone to delay(latency).

  • Cost $$$.

  • More available and more options on brand selection.

  • More compatible (raw signal, no protocols or network setup).


  • Harder to install (extra cable for power is needed).

  • 5MP is excellent but sometimes you want more

  • Easily wiretapped

  • Very few camera picture and control options.

  • Hard to access system control and firmware update(uses button).

  • No on board processing , Analytics or SD recording.

I.P (Network) Cameras.

Newer technology that relies on Ethernet and can be used with existing Cat5e/6/7 Cables. It is more secure and options are almost unlimited with new software and AI advancements.


  • Easy to Install (Power,video and audio is transmitted over the same cable).

  • Picture quality is great and it's just getting better.

  • More secure (much harder to wiretap, can also be encrypted).

  • More Picture, Audio and PTZ control and easy setup access.

  • Advance analytics and A.I software available

  • On board Processing and SD Recording(on some models).


  • Limited to 300' Cat5e/6 Cable.

  • More expensive

  • Initial setup is hard without networking knowledge

  • Hard to mix and match products (vendors use different protocols)

  • More picture quality means more storage

We hope this information will help you choose the right product and was informative and useful.

Rockland Security and surveillance.

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