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School Security

School Security & Surveillance Systems

Our schools should be stable environments where our children feel safe and at ease. It’s where they can learn about themselves and the world around them in a secure environment. Sadly, if the past few years are any indication, schools are not the safe places we once thought they were. Tragedies can occur when security measures are left unaddressed. Deployment of a security system can help defuse a potentially dangerous situation before it turns into a tragedy and buys critical time for first responders. Security technologies provide both the situational awareness and reaction time key to mitigating potential injury to students and staff in an unfolding chaotic incident.

Fortunately, theres an array of affordable surveillance and security technologies available to schools for mitigating potentially tragic outcomes. We can take proactive preventative measures by deploying security systems to help us maintain our schools as the safe places they are supposed to be. These security technologies include

–Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance cameras

–Activity Detection Microphones

–Motion Detection and Intrusion Detection Sensors

–Digital Video Recorders with remote viewing capabilities

–Internet and WiFi Security/Alarm System Control and Interactivity

Coupled with basic user/client training, these affordable technologies are changing the way parents and teachers monitor their schools. For administrators, teachers and adjunct security monitors, these systems go beyond the use of hallway cameras to identify truants and curtail vandalism or theft. The reach, scope and effectiveness of our security and surveillance systems are focused on keeping our children predictively safe in a sometimes dangerous and chaotic world.

At Rockland Security and Surveillance we have the proven and tested skills to identify, install and deploy a wide array of security technologies. We are proud of our capability to integrate these security technologies into a system designed specifically for your school that’s affordable, reliable and easy to maintain. Our technical security professionals are experienced in installing alarm, security camera and sound/motion detection systems in large facilities such as schools and commercial facilities. Most of our staff has military intelligence backgrounds that make a key difference when designing your school’s security/surveillance system.

We have a number of security suites available to you ranging from

–Simple low-cost analog systems providing basic area surveillance to,

–More sophisticated Internet Protocol digital camera/microphone systems integrated to provide accurate picture/identification quality and early activity alert detection.

Please contact us for a free on-site security consultation and system installation estimate.


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